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Physical Theft / PIN and Card Number Theft/ Identity Theft / Hacking / False Cards / Skimming

Aug 25, 2011

Pop quiz: Can you be a victim of debit card fraud if you still have the physical card?

 You betcha!!!

In a continuing effort to keep our Visa Check Cards as safe as possible, on Monday, Aug 29th, 2011, we will implement

The Fraud Center

The Fraud Center will allow PNB to offer our cardholders increased customer service by monitoring their cards for suspicious transactions.


The Fraud Center has over 50 trained and experienced Fraud Analysts monitoring transaction alerts across the United States. The Fraud Analysts monitor alerts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Due to regulations set forth by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), cardholders can only be contacted during the hours of 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 their local time zone.

Cardholders can return calls to the Fraud Center any time of day.

By monitoring fraud trends, the Fraud Center is able to identify and stop ongoing fraud losses early in the fraud cycle, thus minimizing the impact of fraud to the financial institution.


This system is capable of creating alerts based on rules, models, cardholders’ spending habits and logic to detect possible fraudulent activity within minutes of the transaction, while maintaining a low false positive rate.


High risk transactions are identified and reviewed by a fraud analyst. If fraud is suspected, the fraud analyst will attempt to contact the cardholder to verify the legitimacy of the transactions. If fraud is confirmed by the cardholder, the card is immediately *disabled to prevent further activity and the cardholder is instructed to contact PNB. If the cardholder is not available to confirm the activity, the card will be temporarily *blocked until the cardholder contact is made.

The Fraud Center:

Identifies potentially fraudulent transactions early in the fraud cycle.

Offers opportunities to minimize the impact of fraudulent transactions.

Provides complete and timely transaction review.

Allows quick, positive action to reduce future fraud losses on behalf of PNB customers.